Self-managed Teams

Organizational Transformation

“Autonomous, self-organizing teams succeed because they have a greater sense of responsibility. These teams work independently, respond faster to change, and accelerate innovation. The members of these teams are happier, which leads to happier customers. We help guide leadership to install these teams that work with little supervision and are aligned with the company’s goals.
Ricardo Semler and his company Semco gained international recognition for the ground-breaking alternative approach to management and organization they embodied. The Semco Style Institute (SSI), built upon this strong foundation, began operations in May 2016 in the Netherlands. Today, SSI is active in 11 countries and actively supports multiple organizations that range from fast-growing small-to-mid-sized enterprises to multinational corporate companies. SSI’s mission is to shape the future of work.”

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could get their focus to align and grow their
organisations exponentially.

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