Are you an investment seeker looking for funds and the right guidance to deliver the perfect pitch? Or are you an angel investor looking for the next best thing on the market? Team pitch-hai is here to join you every step of the way. We are the mediators that bridge the gap between the two.

For investment seekers For investment seekers, pitch-hai is here to ensure that start-ups get the right exposure to showcase their project to the investors. Providing a range of services right from pitch deck creation, company evaluation, advisory and mentoring services, investor meeting preparation, right up to meeting with potential investor where you deliver your pitch!

Funding for entreprenuers

In a world of options but limited direction, pitch-hai is here to create the perfect balance between investors and investment seekers! Whether you’re an angel investor or a venture capitalist, your funds will find the right platform for investment with pitch-hai.

For investors For investors, there is a plethora of opportunities awaiting your support to unleash the power of their ideas. Your selected pitch gets the right tutelage in the form of advisory and mentoring from top industry experts to ensure success and reap rewards. At pitch-hai, we provide financial tracking, pitch advisory and careful monitoring to enhance the experience of all those involved.

Startups looking for Investment

Project 1 - Technology

Blockchain - Supply chain to Hospitality and Hotel Industry

Project 2 - Hygiene

Cleaning on Demand at the site – Tech-based, AI-driven personal and space cleaning

Project 3 - Health and Wellness

Digital Health Wallet – A digital Platform for better management of health expenses

Project 4 - Technology in Interiors Industry

To create an online one-stop design and procurement platform for interior designers.

Project 5 - Lifestyle Goods

Blockchain - Supply chain of Outdoor travel gear, sports, apparel and equipment, and travel accessories for the Hospitality and Hotel Industry

Project 6 - Cyber Security

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Project 7 - SaaS - Software as a Service

Disruptive Technology Platform for Global M/SMEs

Project 8 - Software as a Service (SaaS)

Quote Software for furniture industry

Project 9 - Edu Tech

Learning Platform focussed on BFSI with Bank tie-ups

Project 10 - Pharma

Derma Products with high Quality

Project 11 - Tours, travel, Hospitality

Houseboats for affordable stays in the backwaters of Kochi

Project 12 - Healthcare

SaaS - to reduce costs dramatically across healthcare ecosystem - helping patients adhere to prescribed medicines

Project 13 - Agriculture Eco-Systems

IoT based end to end solutions for farmers

Project 14 - SaaS

Technology solution for integrating all communication products for internal and external partners. An Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Project 15 - Food and Beverages

Serving tea to the bottom of the pyramid of tea consumers through a very unique delivery model

Project 16 - EV Battery Packs

Manufacture and Sale of Swappable Battery packs for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers

Project 17 - EV 2 Wheelers

Launching Electric 2 wheeler and Reverse Trikes Vehicles, for both sports and commuter variant, Hybrid Engine Kits for Converting Existing Vehicles into Hybrid