Isaac Gallinella

I had the privilege of working with Subuu during my tenure at Bizerba. Subuu is a superb executive with extensive knowledge and business acumen. He has a deep knowledge of the market, has wide experience, and delivers the necessary results. He is a natural leader and goal oriented. I can only highly recommend him.

Global Sales & Business Development Executive - USA

Srikanth Ram

Subu is one of the most valuable people I have ever met. He is Humble, professional, Experienced, and intelligent person. He is extremely proactive, inspiring and above all a person who puts himself in others shoes to understand issues and collaboratively find solutions. Subu not only has great interpersonal skills but also has the ability to articulate a complex problem and take decisions with transparency. I look forward to work with him every time. He has the unique ability to put customer in forefront. His insightful and innovative approach has always made me to admire him. It’s rare you will come across a Multi skilled person with vast knowledge on various subjects like Subu. My best wishes to him.

Business Head, Raymond - India

Gauch Michael

Subramanian is a very accurate working person and help us to start doing business in India. I would highly recommend working with Subramanian, as he is a very nice person as well.

Key Account Manager, Wella Company - Switzerland

Klaus Wende

I am very proud to have you as a friend and as a business partner. You proved to be very honest even in times in which the business success was/is not satisfying and our invested money was/is in danger. I always felt honestly informed about the business situations and strategy and actions were always discussed between us - no sole or lonely decisions were taken from your side. I am also impressed of your work discipline as well as your network which led i.e., at Bizerba to big successes, and I have no doubt that new businesses which you manage will also be successful. Your management style is team orientated and therefore very motivating for the employees. Through your working experience with German companies, you can understand the Indian and German culture, so you are able to mediate which is a very big asset of yours.

Constellations for business and family - Germany

Michael Walz

Working with Mr. Subramanian T.S., who was responsible for the Indian subsidiary, was a pleasure for me. His high business ambitions and his social responsibility for the company's employees were key for the development of the company in the India market. I always enjoyed meeting Subu in Mumbai, Aisa or in Germany.

ICIG - Germany

Alessandro Barrucco

When dealing with Mr. Subramanian during my working experience in La Minerva, I appreciated his professional, serious, and co-operative approach to the business-related issues with the aim to always find a solution which could meet with the needs of both parties and ensure Customer satisfaction. Excellent business vision and understanding of both Customers and Suppliers expectations.

Sales Director, MINERVA OMEGA Group - India

Ranjan Paul

I first met Subramanian or Subbu as we called him when we were trying to rebuild our distribution network in India. He always came across as someone with a 'can do' and 'will do' attitude. I found him to be hands off with his managers and allowed them the freedom to grow and build the organization but at the same time was ready to roll with them if need be. Subbu has great leadership and entrepreneurial skills and I have seen him grow his business from a small start-up to a large flourishing business. He was a wonderful team player, and it was great working with him.

Co-Founder, The Open EdWork - India

Kamayani Rajvanshi

It’s been an incredible journey working with Mahalakshmi and Brooma, they make a wonderful team. They are extremely hardworking and diligent with every role that they’ve picked up. The best part about them is that they don’t work as a vendor, they work as a team member and they contribute with the same enthusiasm and proactiveness. They have been successful in closing some very challenging roles with Lenskart. I am extremely thankful to them for their proactiveness, their efforts and also their patience with our processes and look forward to a long working relationship with them.

Human Capital Team, Lenskart - India

Sanjay Shrivastava

Mahalakshmi and Brooma make an excellent team. We were looking for some business development people and were struggling for almost 6-8 months. We went through several CVs and several agencies. But it was the typical do-the-job-yourself kind of process, however, a friend referred them to me and she came over personally to understand the role with my HR colleague Anuja. They did a great job, they shortlisted candidates on their own, followed up and made it very easy for us to make a decision. This team is doing a great job!

Chief Executive Officer, Muenzer Bharat - India

Madhav Bhadra

I met Mahalakshmi through one of the common networking groups where I presented my requirement. There were 4-5 guys who responded, out of which Mahalakshmi was consistent, reaching out to understand my requirements. I appreciate the consistency and perseverance that she put into finding the candidates and onboarding them. I must mention that for one of our requirements for Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, we achieved that in one single shot - she sent one profile and we closed it! That’s how efficient she is, of course, the achievement happened because she had put in a lot of effort in understanding our requirements in detail, capturing the essence of the role. Subsequently, she worked on many other managerial roles for us. We’re very happy with the service at the moment and we would look forward to the consistency and continuation of similar support of Mahalakshmi.

Chief Executive Officer, AQM Technologies - India

Ram Santosh

Mahalakshmi and her team are my go-to people for hiring! Not sure how many candidates onboarded as clients, but that’s how I discovered them. A few years ago, when I was first interviewed - I simply loved the process! Wish more interviews are taken with the patience and time dedication that they gave me. Although I could not take up the role back then, I was now struggling to find the right kind of people who would not only be qualified but also aligned to my frequency of thought and action. This is where the team nails it! The qualifications and the experience are only the tip of the iceberg and while they can be great excel sheet fillers, what they do differently is that they align the job requirement with the psyche and the ambitions of the candidate. It's the intuitive smart drive of people that Mahalakshmi and her team have built over the years. If there is one thing that I am 200% sure about - if you hire them - their dedication will never let you down.

Head of Sales, HVAX Technologies - India