Organization Training

Account Development Strategies Workshop

Most companies strive hard to bag large key accounts through their sales teams as 80% of sales of any company comes through a few key accounts. These accounts need to be nurtures and held with care as the cost of winning or losing key accounts can make or break an organisation. With competition getting severe, pricing driving decision making Account Development Strategies becomes key to the success of any organisation. At CEOMITRA we conduct a 2 day workshop to move Sales and Business Development Executives to high calibre Key Account Managers who determine the success of the company by being the cutting edge over competition. Our methodology comprises of pre workshop engagement, preparation before the workshop by the participants, workshops with strong content and role plays, briefing and debriefing and post workshop mentoring.

CXO Training

Vision, Values and Mission Workshop

Every Founder and CEO creates a vision and builds the organisation around this vision. Long term and sustainable success are driven by every employee and stakeholder being engaged and aligned to the vision. Our Vision, Values and Mission workshops are cocreated by closely working with the management team and interaction with the employees before the workshop followed by the workshop itself. We believe that every employee at all levels when treated like an adult and trusted would contribute to the creation of the vision and also live it through the life time journey of his tenure. Our tolls and methodology ensure that we build common ground with different levels of management and staff and align the entire team to a common vision. It is not surprising for us to see a company with all employees aligned to a common vision has high growth trajectory.

Business Agility Coaching

SEMCO Business Agility Coaching helps SME and Start-Up owners set up
future-ready organizations. It comprises 12-week small group coaching
where consultants work closely with the owners. The coaching is
focused on picking up two key burning issues that are bothering the organization.
We then co-create solutions that help to make a long-term impact.

Leadership Training

Custom Built Interventions

Many organizations run by second-generation leaders who are impacted by a long-standing culture that is unable to handle uncertain and changing environments. Our interventions help these organizations move from a top-down driven structure to empowered teams. Transform rule-bound and siloed set up to autonomous and collaborative setups. These interventions start with a free organization scan which brings up what can be focused and improved. Our consultants then work closely with the leadership to co-create solutions that help scale up employee retention, profits, and turnover difference in their work, relationships, and personal development.

Self-managed Teams

Culture Alignment Workshops

This is a special product created for companies that recruit in a candidate first market. We offer short interventions where we run culture workshops for the new inductees that directly help in improving retention.

Self-managed Teams

One to One Coaching

Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives of company have arrived and work to capacity. Most then want to explore their journey from Capacity to potential. Subuu as a coach facilitates this journey by spending one to one interaction with leaders in highest level of confidentiality leading them to scale on various aspects of their life, business, and career where they identify need for improvement. Interested Candidates can book a 30 min or 60 min time slot through the below link.

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